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Boye "Seconds" Folders and Basics

What are "Seconds"?

Boye "seconds" have minor cosmetic blade blemishes from casting irregularities or grind lines. They do not in any way affect the cutting, edge holding, operation, or any functional aspect of our knives. They are hand ground and assembled with the same attentive care as our "firsts."

Our "seconds" knives carry the full Boye knife guarantee, which means that you as a customer will be fully satisfied, or your money will be refunded, and we will repair or replace any knife which develops a problem as a result of our materials or workmanship.

You can expect high level performance from a Boye "second" and feel confident that it will serve you well for many years, in an emergency, or in daily use.

Please note that the prices below already include the available discounts.

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