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Basic 3 Cobalt Knife

The Boye Cobalt Basic 3 is a powerful working knife for the ocean environment, designed for maximum versatility, strength, and compactness. Your Basic 3 knife comes with an advanced brass-lined nylon sheath.

The Basic 3 has an overall length of 8" with a handle length of 4".

Price: $360 - 50% deposit of $180 to reserve your order.


Sheepsfoot Blade

A traditional shape for safety: perfect for white-knuckle situations when you're being slammed around on a boat and you need to part a line without injuring yourself or others.

The Boye Boat Knife has a 3" blade, is 7" in length overall, and weighs 2.2 oz.

Standard knife: $195

With Marlinspike: $225


Pointed-Tip Blade

An all-around utility shape for everyday tasks, both on land and at sea.

The Boye Boat Knife has a 3" blade, is 7" in length overall, and weighs 2.2 oz. Our pointed tip blade is available with or without 3 serrations at the base of the blade.

Standard knife: $195

With Marlinspike: $225


Photon III Micro Light

The brightest light on the market for its size, the Photon III Micro-Light is highly water resistant and the batteries will last for 12 continuous hours.

The turquoise bulb is as bright as a white bulb and is good for night vision.

Two switch areas give the user either "instant on" or access to the tiny light's 7 function microprocessor. With three levels of brightness, you choose how much light you need at any given moment. You can use the three different strobe speeds to signal for help. The auto shutoff mode turns the light off automatically after one minute.

Complete internal switching means there is no access for water to the light's electronics. Battery changes are fast and easy with the simple press-fit battery lid.

A Photon III on a Boye Cobalt Boat Knife is a powerful combination!

Folder Sheath

Black nylon sheath with Velcro closure. Belt loops are sewn so that sheath may be worn vertically or horizontally.

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Shackle Key

Recommended Accessory. Marlin Spike

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Photon III Micro Light

Recommended Accessory. Photon III Micro Light

Add $20.00

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