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David Boye began his knifemaking career in 1971 when his personal values drove him to seek alternatives to life in academic psychology. Entirely self-taught, in 1975 he authored his now-classic text, Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It (click here to read about this book). He is widely recognized as one of the leaders of modern custom knifemaking.

Through the years, David's inventiveness, design sense, and refined craftsmanship have produced exquisite, practical works of art. His breakthrough discovery of dendritic metallurgy revolutionized traditional blademaking and set new cutting records.

35 years of experience and continuous innovation have resulted in Boye Cobalt Boat Knives, top performance safety tools uniquely suited to the ocean environment.

Some Family History

Knifemaker David Boye comes from a seafaring family -- his great-grandfather in Denmark was a merchant on the Atlantic, and his grandfather was a sea captain on the U. S. Pacific coast. His father was a tugboat captain who tragically lost his leg in a tangled tow line in San Francisco Bay in 1943.

We know the importance of having a good knife when you need it. We sincerely hope we can add safety and utility to your life at sea.

The World's Cutting Record?

Knifemaker David Boye cuts 3,000 pieces of 1" hemp rope without resharpening.

Boye's breakthrough discovery of dendritic metallurgy in the early 1980's has revolutionized blade performance.

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