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Basic 3 Cutting Demonstration

Boye Cobalt Basic 3

The Boye Cobalt Basic 3 is a powerful working knife for the ocean environment, designed for maximum versatility, strength, and compactness. As you use the Basic 3 it quickly become apparent what a useful and sublime multi-tool it really is, with a wide range of applications.

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Basic 3 Knife
Pointed tip (enlarge photo)
Basic 3 in sheath
Basic 3 Sheath
Basic 3

Unique, Advanced Design

  • Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade and handle
  • Dropped edge design forms a fingerguard and provides finger clearance for more versatility. Great for working against or down on a board, for chopping, scraping, skinning, gutting, carving, carpentry, etc.
  • Excellent for hi-tech rigging line or a fouled prop
  • Integral I-beam construction for lightness and strength
  • Flat profile (1/4" thick) for easy carry
  • Minimalist for its size
  • Great balance
  • Scrape edges on first 1.3" of back of blade
  • Sharpening angle guides
  • Hammerhead on butt for cracking nuts and seeds
  • Comfortable wrapped handle grip
  • 4" blade, 8" overall, 1/4" thick
  • Pointed or rounded tip
  • Weighs only 5 oz

Kydex-Lined Nylon Sheath

  • Extra strong construction for safety
  • Vertical or horizontal deployment
  • Right or left handed
  • Easy cleaning with removable Kydex liner
  • Hood can be folded back for quick access
  • Lightweight, only 2 oz

Using the Basic 3 On Your Boat

  1. Working with lines
    If you don't have easy control of the lines, control of the boat itself can be compromised. No other metallurgy outcuts or stands up to high tech lines like dendritic cobalt (as far as we know). Cleaner cuts make for better splicing. The Cobalt Basic 3 has a superb edge and keeps it.
  2. Fishing and dealing with the catch
    The metallurgy again makes for cleaner cuts through tougher materials. Now the dropped edge design will serve also. Bigger fish take larger knives, but for its size the Cobalt Basic 3 is highly respected on deck.
  3. In the galley
    The dropped edge blade shape again shines as a small chef's knife. It's just about right for many boats.
  4. Easy carry
    The flat shape of the knife and sheath will be appreciated especially in tight quarters. The knife can be worn on a belt vertically, with the hood open (folded back) to be handy and visible, or securely closed. Or it can be deployed horizontally, in line with any belt.

Remember - this knife with all its cutting performance is not going to rust.
This knife keeps its edge and stays clean!

Pointed or Rounded Tip?
On board a boat there are two different realms of acitivity which call for different knives. First, normal boat and life maintenance - cleaning and preparing fish, cooking, hand crafting, self-protection - these call for a pointed knife. Second, a boat needs a safety knife for extreme emergencies where line or net needs to be cut, possibly in the dark, possibly under water or near to living flesh - this calls for a blunt knife. A pointed tip could be very dangerous here. Boats need at least two knives, a utility knife and a safety knife. Consider outfitting yourself with both Basic 3's - the rounded tip for banging around in the galley, cooking in rough weather, or stationed at the mast; and the pointed tip when you are butchering large fish or any other job that calls for a portable knife with a point.

Features of the Boye Cobalt Basic 3

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