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What is the Real Test for a Boat Knife?
by David Boye

"My criterion for a good performance test is this: does it tell me how a knife will perform in a real life situation?"

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High Tech Rigging Line Test

164 clean cuts of high-tech rigging line in 8 minutes

  • All lines were cut with a Boye serrated sheepsfoot knife.
  • Lines were cut in the order listed below.
  • Each line was cut for one minute.
  • No resharpening was done throughout the entire test.
  • No perceptible change in cutting performance
    throughout the test!

Spect-Set II Spectra Braid, 12 mm 21 cuts
Kev-Kord -- 5/32" (9 strands together) 20 cuts
Z-Tech PBO Zylon Double Braid, 14mm 20 cuts
Sta-Set Polyester Yacht Braid, 3/4" 20 cuts
Sta-Set X Lite Spectra Braid, 3/8" 28 cuts
T-900 Technora/ Spectra Braid, 16mm 16 cuts
Regatta Lite Poly Braid, 9 mm 34 cuts
Nylon Megabraid, 1-1/2" 5 cuts
164 cuts

And the blade was still sharp after the test!

1,500 Cuts of Deck and Rigging Line
strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show

"At a boat show, after cutting about 1,500 cuts of 3/4" nylon deck and rigging line as a demo, we were told by an observer-participant that he felt that it was time to sharpen the knife, a Boye serrated sheepsfoot. Please note this blade was still cutting cleanly - but not as quickly. So I sharpened the blade on the corner of a 4" x 1" soft Arkansas stone about 10 firm strokes and two or so deburring (flat) passes on the back. This took a total of about four seconds.

Then I handed the knife to our observer-participant. He couldn't believe that the knife could have been resharpened so fast. When he started cutting he began to realize that I was serious. He readily admitted that the knife was performing like a sharp knife. We proceeded to cut another 250 or so cuts with that blade, then came to the end of the show. It was cutting fine. This is what I mean by 1) holds an edge, 2) not much sharpening, and 3) fast sharpening."

- David Boye

The World's Cutting Record?

David Boye


Knifemaker David Boye cuts 3,000 pieces of 1" hemp rope without resharpening.

Boye's breakthrough discovery of dendritic metallurgy in the early 1980's has revolutionized blade performance.


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