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Boye Cobalt Folding Knives

Our superbly ground cobalt folders are what you want for personal security and effectiveness on board. Lightweight, ultra compact, easy to deploy... super sharp with an edge that won't quit - these folders will prove themselves over and over again as the working tool of choice. Many people are fervently in love with their Boye folder!

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Everything You Want in a Knife at Sea and Ashore

  • Folding pocketknife Extreme cutting and edge-holding
  • Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade and rocker arm
  • All parts - blade and fittings - won't rust in salt water
  • Virtually non-magnetizeable; won't affect a compass
  • Fast sharpening on an ordinary whetstone
  • Fine hand-ground blade; .010" - .012" edge
  • Lightweight, only 2.2 oz
  • Pocket deployment
  • Slim profile eliminates bulges and bulk
  • Forged titanium pocket clip
  • Strong, Zytel® handle (fiberglass-filled nylon)
  • Fits naturally in the hand
  • Smooth, one hand ambidextrous opening and closing
  • Blade locks open and snaps closed
  • Titanium marlinspike with shackle key for rigging (marlinspike)
  • Quality hand craftsmanship in all stages of fabrication
  • Essential safety equipment for all seagoing adventurers!

Which Blade is Best For You?
Both the Boye Sheepsfoot and Pointed Tip folders have the same high performance, no-rust cobalt metallurgy, only the blade shapes are different. Here are some considerations to help you decide what will work best for you:

Mostly a safety knife and a rigging knife, the Boye Sheepsfoot has a straight edge and blunt tip and is mostly serrated. The Sheepsfoot design is especially for freeing lines in rough conditions common on boats at sea. This knife is easy to carry and deploy with either hand, from a pocket or a belt sheath, and can be closed and replaced with either hand. It will part virtually any line or any number of them safely. It can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively, as in freeing a fouled prop or line or net. This knife can also cut bread and cheese and make sandwiches as well as the pointed blade, but it doesn't cut down on a board so well and won't scrape hides.
The Boye Pointed Tip has a curved and pointed utility blade shape. It is as light and flat and useful as we can make it. It's easy to carry and deploy with either hand. This is a basic, all-around knife design that will come through time after time for all sorts of jobs, including the kitchen. But all of this versatility makes this blade a little too dangerous to use in freeing moving lines and people in rough water, in which case the Sheepsfoot blade is recommended. If means permit, consider carrying both - the Sheepsfoot as your primary safety knife, and the Pointed Tip as your workaday companion knife.

The Titanium Marlinspike and Shackle Key
The titanium marlinspike/shackle key is like a second blade - a dull one that can untie knots - small and large - like magic, or separate strands for splicing. It can be used as a pry bar. The swivel anchor is very strong and stops in the open position facing the direction to UNscrew shackle keys that are stuck closed. The flat spike feels good as part of the grip and balances the titanium clip on the other side of the handle.

Features of the Boye Cobalt Folder


All knives come with a forged titanium clip for secure carry

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