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Comments from Jean Luc Van Den Heede: Famed French sailor
Sailed 4 times around the world alone


Your knife is great!!! It stays now in my cockpit permanently

All the best "


Comments from Brad Van Liew - Winner, Around Alone 2003, Class II

"It really is an amazing blade on the high tech ropes."

"The story goes that one night we were having a dinner at our place after leg one in England and we were all hanging out talking about stuff and Sergio showed his Boye knife to Cedric. When Cedric saw it he fell in love so I told him the story of where it came from and he got so into it that I gave mine (Boye Knife) to him which was in my pocket as it always was."

"Boye Knives are very cool and I am definitely in need of another."

Brad Van Liew

David B. Clark Comments from David B. Clark - Oldest person to circumnavigate solo

"Dear David,
What great knives!!! Absolutely the best I've ever used. It would definitely have been helpful had I had these when making the World Record as the "oldest person to circumnavigate solo."

Yesterday I had to make about 15 cuts in some 1/2 inch yacht braid for new running rigging. It was absolutely amazing how cleanly and quickly your Boye knives zipped through that 1/2 inch line. Over the years I have worn out a half-dozen Swiss Army knives and none of them ever performed as good as your knives.

So I wanted to write a short note and tell you that if anyone has any questions about how practical and useful these knives are on a yacht, they can just give me a call. They are the ultimate in simplicity and yet totally effective. Personally, I can't see any serious long-range cruising sailor leaving port without his Boye knife. Congratulations on a super product."

David B. Clark
"Mickey" & "Mollie Milar"

John Dowd. Photo courtesy of
"I bought my first Boye folder a year ago and now the only place I go without it is to bed and on air-planes. I soon bought three more to give to friends who live on the sea and they love them. The fact is that these are the best marine knives I've ever found. They're strong, cut so long I'm constantly amazed and they show no sign of corrosion though they'll sit in my drysuit for days at a time.
At just 2.2 oz, they mark the end of a long search for the ideal sea kayakers knife."

John Dowd

Author: Sea Kayaking, A manual for Long Distance Touring, founding editor of Sea Kayaker Magazine, co-producer of the video series "Seamanship for Kayakers".
During the 1970s and 80s, John and his wife Beatrice were listed in the Guinness Book of records for the longest open sea voyage by sea kayak. Canoe Magazine named him as one of the twelve most influencial individuals in North American Paddlesports.

Southern Ocean
"Hello to the good people of Boye Knives.

I wanted to provide you with a little feedback following my own real world torture testing.

You may not recall but I was perhaps one of the harder sells at the Pacific Sail boat show.

I am the Vice President for Southern Ocean Ropes - A New Zealand based performance rope manufacturer.

I regularly have the task of assembling several dozen rope bundles for US customers, each being an assembly of 12 - 14 high tech fiber ropes and each requiring a total of about 30 cuts to keep it looking nice.

In the past I have resorted to a stainless steel filleting knife and a stone. Sawing my way through a 3 inch diameter bundle. I have also dulled numerous ceramic knives costing double what your retails for.

Your product not only has its original edge but continues to give me a very clean cut (and a very effortless cut) each and every time. It makes a tough job that much easier.

In my line of work, a sharp knife in your pocket is key. Customers do not want to see you hacking your way through a rope. And they do not want to look at a bundle of fuzz where the end of the rope should be.

I have a very critical eye for performance and want you to know that your product has exceeded my expectations. I will be recommending your knife to fellow torturers of the blade."

Matt Allingham
Vice President - Cordage
Southern Ocean Ropes - A Maxwell Marine Company


I'm just now able to send you a note to thank you very kindly for the knife you supplied for the New England Ropes Annual Splice-Off this year at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. I've been using it out in the field and am very impressed. It's one of the most comfortable "fitting" knives that I've used and I've been sailing and rigging for almost 25 years. I'm glad that you were so kind to offer your product as a prize in the competition; I would have never known what a fine knife this was otherwise.

Thank You!

Rob Friedrich
Nance & Underwood Rigging Sails


     "The purpose of writing this is to tell you a Boye knife story. Several days ago I was on my way home after visiting a friend who lives on a boat in the Kodiak harbor. As I walked past several hundred commercial fishing boats, I came across several crew members who were assigned to maintenance duties after their crabber had finished a season and returned to port.

     Part of their job was to trim or replace any worn lines (ropes) that may have been damaged during the season. They were trying to cut a piece of Spectra - an abrasion resistant line used in the commercial fishing business. They had already turned the edges of a half dozen fillet knives. One man had a Cold Stell Tanto with a laminated blade - he was trying to pound the blade through with a halibut gaff handle - didn't make a mark. The other gentleman had a Spyderco Marniner (probably the most common folder on Kodiak Island). He sawed and sawed, and he did wear a few fibers, but even though his knife was fully serrated, the edge rolled over almost the full length of the blade.

     Next, I pulled out my new Prophet Companion [Pointed -Tip, unserrated], they laughed. One of them made a comment about my "ladie's knife." It took a few strokes, but the Prophet went right through the Spectra. I spent the next ten minutes reciting your brochure.

     Your knives have definitely passed the Kodiak test - thanks much for a fine product."

-J.D., Kokiak Island, Alaska



  "I've used the knife for almost 1 year (6400 miles sailing). It's the best knife I have. Sharp, keeps its edge and no rust. It's light weight & comfortable to use. I'll probably buy another one."

"In an emergency, one stroke of your boat knife severed a 5/8" dockline. It prevented a multi-thousand dollar boat collision."

"I spent this weekend sailing & got several opportunties to use my new knife. I am thoroughly impressed and have to admit I am sorry I didn't buy at least one more."

"As you suggested, I tried it and it's amazing. I couldn't believe it! Great product!"

"Excellent knife, head and shoulders above the competition. The new marlinspike is really good."

"Thank you very much - I really do appreciate your customer service and will pass on the word about your firm and its excellent product. We have been cruising full-time on a sailboat during the last 5 years and your knives are an essential part of our equipment."

"Great knife! I wish I'd found you ten years ago!"

"An elegant & simple knife. Perfect. Web order process - excellent."

"I am so pleased and proud that such a great product is made here in the USA! Great design and execution."

"Overall, an excellent knife! Blade shape & quality great. Belt clip & lanyard shackle good features. Good handle shape & good lock."

"Great knife - no rust!"

"I have a large and small C.R. Sebenza, many Benchmade, Spyderco's, Mods and one Mission Knife, but I always find myself grabbing the Boye knife out of the drawer - I love this knife!!!"

"Great overall knife. Blade is wonderful and makes excellent cuts."

"Very happy. Surprised at how lightweight and thin the knife is. Love the sheepsfoot."

"Great knife, my favorite on the water or anywhere."

"It really is THE BEST POCKETKNIFE I've ever had...thanks for making such a great companion tool; this really is an achievement, one fine advancement for the 21st century, and I for one am glad to experience it in my lifetime."

"My knife arrived within three days of my order and I have enjoyed a fortnight of varied use since then. This knife has fulfilled all my fondest hopes and expectations for a knife for sailing, kayaking, canoeing and camping. Early cuts of synthetic rope put her to a test which seemed, for her, no more difficult than slicing sausage (which she has also been asked to do though cooking tasks are beneath her class and pedigree)."

"I Love It!!"

"After 50 years - 3 or 4 Currey Lock Spikes, I bought a Boye. Fantastic!"

"Knife was a birthday gift from my wife along with 2 Coach belts, but the knife rules!"

"This is an excellent product!"

"Good tool. Lightweight. Simple."

"You make a quality product. The microstructure of your knife alloys is interesting."

"Thank you for quick personal service!"

"Very nice craftmanship - don't change a thing."

"Good website. My e-mail was answered promptly and thoughtfully. Good Luck!"

"We like the knife so much thinking about purchasing another one!"

"Great customer service!!"

"Most impressive - cuts hi-tech line better than anything else at Fays Chandlery, e.g. V-100."

"Like the lightness of knife; can be operated with one hand; fits easily on belt clip."

"Thank you for all the input, tracking trouble, etc. Rare, good people, good product and good service."

"I'm very impressed. I like the look, feel & finish."

"Service is as great as the knife."

"I appreciated the follow-up e-mail on my order - a nice personal touch. Great product!"

"Liked it so much we ordered one as a gift for our sailor-friend."

"I was a Benchmade man - but now it is Boye all the way."

"Great knife! Very sharp! I would recommend it to my friends."

"I think the knife is a great product! Ordering was easy."

"I often have one in a pocket for utility use, but always have a sheepsfoot clipped to my harness."

"The knife is nicely put together and is as light as a feather."

"Thanks for a beautiful knife."

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