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Boye Cobalt Basic 3

"...I have never seen a blade - of any material - sever synthetic cordage like dendritic cobalt, nor have I ever seen a blade that simply wants to cut like this one..."
SAIL Magazine
Gear Reviews, July 2008

Boye Knife Cutting Test

Watch our new videos demonstrating the cutting ability of the Sheepsfoot Folder and Basic 3 on Endura Braid.

Knifemaker David Boye

David Boye"In my 35 years of custom knifemaking, I have ground thousands of blades by hand and developed time-tested knife designs for everyday use - practical styles, comfortable, balanced feel, sweet to carry. I am most pleased to offer these premier boat knives - my lockback folder and the Basic 3 - made from dendritic cobalt, our innovative blade metallurgy that won't rust and just keeps cutting.

"The cobalt folding knives are the consummate personal carry: lightweight, compact, easy to keep with you at all times. The sheepsfoot blade is primarily for emergencies and splicing; the pointed tip for versatility. The Basic 3 is a larger, heavier duty, all-purpose knife. Here the blunt tip combines safety and utility; the pointed version is just more all around useful.

"These knives are an investment in your security and personal control on board. I recommend that you equip yourself and your crew with at least one safety tip and one pointed tip in each style for all the things you could encounter at sea."


David Boye

Boye Dendritic Cobalt Blades

  Dendritic Cobalt Blade Microscopic View
A microscopic picture of a Boye knife blade showing Dendritic carbide crystals at 200X magnification.

Advanced Metallurgy for the Saltwater Environment

  • Extreme cutting and edge holding
  • Total resistance to saltwater corrosion
  • Fast sharpening on an ordinary whetstone
  • Compass safe

Boye Dendritic Cobalt is a super-performing, non-rusting cobalt-based alloy that excels on tough fibers such as hi-tech rigging line, deck line, and net. Not a steel, it is a mixture of cobalt, chrome, nickel, tungsten, silicon, iron, and carbon. It cuts aggressively and keeps cutting. It is completely impervious to seawater corrosion, and is non-magnetizeable.

Each Boye blade is permeated by a dense, branching, "dendritic" network of hard carbide crystals (see photo at right). At the cutting edge, these carbide crystals produce micro-serrations, which can be felt with the fingertip and heard when the knife slices through rope. The crystals help the edge keep its shape and integrity over time (i.e. exceptional edge-holding) and enhance its penetrating power, for deep cutting action.

Each sharpening exposes a fresh set of hard carbide micro-teeth.

What is the Real Test for a Boat Knife?
by David Boye

"My criterion for a good performance test is this: does it tell me how a knife will perform in a real life situation?"

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Boye Knife Saves a Life!
Read the story by Coast Guard Captain John Brown III

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